Meet Amanda
Every parent wants what's best for their babies, and would love to choose cloth diapering, but, more and more they are having a hard time finding the extra time to clean the mess, and the extra money for the start up costs. As a mom of 7 from Central Illinois, Amanda wanted to do something to help  – so she decided that starting a cloth diaper service  would help parents with all aspects of cloth diapering. Amanda saw the need for such a service in her community, as the closest diaper service was over 2 hours away! She felt that a service like this, offered in our community, would allow parents the option to cloth diaper with confidence.

A Few Words about Us

Things get dirty, especially when it comes to diapers! That doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to disposable diapers for your family. 

At Little Halos Diaper Service, we offer all you need to cloth diaper your sweet little ones. We understand the idea of cloth diapering may bring up some fears. So, from the very start of your journey with us we sit with you, and teach you how to use our products and make sure that you are completely comfortable using our diapers. We also do all the dirty work for you, picking up your messy diapers and dropping off fresh, clean diapers right to your door!